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  • Susan Low

The cookbook I wouldn't part with...

If you're a cookbook lover like me, chances are that you have certain books that you just wouldn't part with. You might not cook from them every day, but your bookshelf just wouldn't be the same without them: you know that opening opening them up and reading or cooking from them will be somehow consolatory – taking you away to somewhere different or connecting you to a place in the past.

For me, Tessa Kiros's books do just that (and if I had to pick a favourite it'd be Falling Cloudberries).

I've been an enormous fan of Tessa's books and recipes for ages, so I was very happy to get a chance to talk to her (via the wonders of Zoom) a couple of weeks ago. She's studied sociology and anthropology, and loves to investigate the way that culture and recipes intertwine. "A culture makes the recipe," she says.

If you're a fan, you'll also be pleased to know that Tessa does have the beginnings of another book up her sleeve...

You can read what she has to say about the place of recipes in food culture, and what inspires her writing in this piece I recently wrote for ckbk.

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